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My SOUL does not belong in the United States.

All birthdays need to be this happy.

Olive oil is good for the body. And the taste buds.

Salad is meant to be filled with surprises.

Decorate however you like. Make a space your own. There is no judgement here.

Miss the womyn you learned it all with. A lot.


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Never underestimate the power of mother nature.

You don’t have to wear makeup to look beautiful.

Appreciate each moment with your best friend. Remember what you’ve overcome together.

Never pass up an adventure. Even if it means cliff jumping into the Mediterranean from 65 feet.

Wear a bathing suit as often as possible. It’s freeing.


(photo courtesty of Chelsea)

Eat pizza – and don’t skimp on the cheese.

 Find a Starbucks, even if that means traveling to Spain.

Appreciate time with your family – especially when they come to visit you in Florence. (And of course, miss your brother and sister, because they would LOVE it here.)

Just let yourself BE.

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Gelato of the Day



We bought the Firenze sweatshirts…

We snapped shots of all the buildings…

We’ve enjoyed free wine tastings…

We’ve climbed to the top of the Duomo…

We’ve sipped plenty of cappuccinos

We’ve eaten gelato just about everyday – sometimes twice…

We’ve I’ve tried the coconut on the street…

And we’ve made several purchases from the leather markets….

Now we can speak a little Italian, we stand much closer when we walk/talk to others, and we avoid the restaurants that advertise in English. But truth be told, we will always embrace our inner tourist.

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Gelato of the Day

Matcha (Green Tea!)

What’s even better – this small cone was one 1 euro 😉



The title says it all – I am currently packing my bags for snowy/rainy weather. It’s still 80 and sunny here in Florence, but tomorrow I will be leaving for a weekend trip to Switzerland and Como Lake. Apparently it’s much colder 1500 ft up in the mountains 😉

Today I wandered around the leather markets, and ended up stopping in the Central Market for some last-minute snacks. I grabbed a few apples and some bulk items (dates, figs, and walnuts) for the trip. My friends and I also ordered a sandwich for tomorrows lunch – I stuffed mine with brie, lettuce, peppers, and cucs 🙂


Longsleeve Shirt

I will be back Sunday with a full recap and hopefully a box of chocolates!


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A few days ago I climbed 414 steps in Giotto’s Bell Tower – solo. It’s right next to the Duomo, and costs 6 Euro (about $8.00) I was wearing a dress and sandals, but that didn’t stop me 🙂

They journey UP the tower was just as incredible as the top. There were winding staircases and narrow passageways (just like the Duomo). At the top (as seen in the pictures) the view was breathtaking. I could see the people at the top of the Duomo, as well as panoramic views of Florence.  It was SO worth the trip!

I’m off to get my groove on with my housemates. Talk to you tomorrow!


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Tart frozen yogurt with granola

Buttercrunch and Noce (Walnut)

Amarretto and Riso (Rice)

Those last two may have been consumed on the same day. Oh yes.

Gelato here in Italia really is delicious – it has a creaminess about it that is hard to replicate. As of today, I’ve been here for 3 weeks + 3 days, and I haven’t missed a day of gelato yet. (So that’s where all my money went!?) In terms of gelaterias, my friends and I have found a few gems that we keep coming back to. Two of our favs?


Known for their all-natural gelato, Grom prides itself on using high-quality ingredients. Their gelato is made with fresh whole milk 🙂 I’ve tried their “Crem di Grom” and it was INCREDIBLE. They say that it is made with Battifollo biscuits and Columbia “teyuna” chocolate chips. It tastes like a creamy graham cracker and chocolate combo!

Cafe Carrozze

Known for its high-quality, home-made gelato – despite attracting a lot of attention near the Ponte Vecchio. My favorite here is definitely the Pistachio. Their gelato is made with cream instead of milk, which gives it an INCREDIBLE taste. YUM.

If you find yourself in Florence, head straight for the gelato.
I promise, it makes everything better 😉

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Gelato of the Day

Unpictured Chocolate Mousse and Tiramisu


As wonderful as it is to live in a foreign country, sometimes you miss the ‘little things’ back home.

Large grocery stores

Rite Aid


Birds chirping in the morning


Diners 😉

That’s right. I mean good old-fashioned, hashbrown-smellin’ diners. And lucky for us, there’s one right in Florence.

Ketchup, mustard, and mayo on the table

My dinner:
3-egg veggie omelette, ‘hash-brown’ fries, toast + an unpictured glass of white wine

My only complaint? I wanted some butter for my toast 😉 In all fairness, they did have Tabasco, though it was no Franks Red Hot.

The Diner satisfied our American food cravings, though I can’t seem to find substitute for my Trader Joes Soyaki + homemade stirfry. I think for now I will just embrace the Italian cuisine – and maybe stop by The Diner now and then for some pancakes and a coffee 😉

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