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As promised, I have quite a post for you on last weekends trip to Munich for Oktoberfest. But truth be told, I think the pictures need to do most of the talking.

After an 8 hour overnight busride, we dropped our bags at the hotel, swiped some makeup on our faces, and headed to the beer tents at 10 am.

We didn’t waste any time ordering steins of beer (10 euro each) and large pretzels (4.50 euro).

Of course, a sweet pickle was devoured.

View from inside the Hofbrau House – it holds over 6,000 people.

After about 4 hours and 2 steins of beer (one regular, one mixed with lemonade!) we headed outside to scope out the food and rides.

Delicious crepes with cinnamon and sugar.

View from the ferris wheel.

We headed back to our hostel around 3pm, took a 3 hour nap, and grabbed dinner on the street.

Apparently we had to have Italian food in Germany.

The second day we woke up at 6am and headed to the beer tents at 8:30 am. We were literally herded  like cattle into the tents with thousands of other people.

Somehow made it in, smiling.

After a beer and some more pretzels and pickels, we decided some order some traditional German food.

Potatoes in gravy. These were interesting – they had a gelatonous texture,
but tasted like a mixture of potatoes and cornmeal.

Of course, another crepe was enjoyed.

At around 3pm, we tried to leave Oktoberfest, but it took us almost an hour to get out. There were so many people! Thankfully we made it home for a nap, and got ready for a night out in Munich!

6 of us at the Hardrock Cafe in Munich!

Veggie Burger!

Free birthday dessert for my roomate’s 21st!

Our 3rd and last day, we woke up to take the train to Dacau, one of Germany’s biggest concentration camps.


What a sad, eye-opening experience. We were allowed to walk through the bunk beds, gas chambers, and work rooms.

Later in the afternoon, we explored Munich.

Of course I found chestnuts.

And live music.

The bus ride home was less-than-desireable….8 1/2 hours later we arrived safe and sound back in Florence. The past few days we’ve been in full school-mode, as we prepare for an upcoming weekend in the French Rivera!

P.S! You don’t think I left Munich without this, do you?

1 of 3 Starbucks. YES.



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The title of this post is in German 🙂 I’m leaving in a few hours for Munich to celebrate the last weekend of Oktoberfest. Though I’m not a beer fan, I’m going to get myself a large stein of (light) german beer and enjoy it! Although I hear they have one mixed with lemonade 😉

I will be back on Sunday with a full recap!


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